I.C.U. Archive

I.C.U. is a live Zoom performance that grew out of a visit between two friends that never happened – Kindred in Los Angeles and Maja in Berlin. Attempting to replicate their “hug that never happened” the two friends decided to mail sweaters to one another across 9 timezones so they could smell one another while hugging… what?– a laptop? a pillow? a roommate?



The performance that emerged presents Kindreds and Maja’s absurd take on the times we are living through with images, letters and phone calls from real people framed as flashbacks from a distant future, providing a window into the day-to-day fears and isolation that millions are feeling at this time. The piece depicts dystopia and comedy, meditation and solitude, hope and celebration. But mostly, the piece provides a chance for people to attend a live show with a friend and connect with others from all over the world. Since creating the piece in March 2021, we have had attenders from Brazil, Iraq, Egypt, Canada, Iceland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, England, Finland, Chile, and, of course, Germany and the US.

Thanks to Rafael Pagatini – Photography, Paula Ramos – Performance, Elisabeth Mussler – Text, Jennifer Walshe, Judith Siegmund, Johannes Meinhardt – Coaching