Ministry for Loneliness

Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2014 untersucht das Ensemble Mann aus Obst in seinen musikalischen Bühnenperformances immer wieder das seelische Zuhause des modernen Menschen. Von verschiedenen Seiten her unternehmen die Spieler*innen regelmäßig den – ziemlich utopischen – Versuch, sich für kurze Momente als kleine Gruppe den zentrifugalen Kräften unserer Zeit entgegenzustemmen und gemeinsame Orte, Spiele, Werte, Nöte, Wünsche kennenzulernen.

In garage opera #4 „Ministry for loneliness“, the ensemble assumed the roles of video-game-addicted teenagers, elderly people living alone going months without an contact with family or friends, middle-aged office clerks sharing their apart- ment with alexa – and of the British politicians of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport who, as of January 2018, are being tasked with the political response to the scourge of loneliness.

Not an easy task: it’s often impossible to arrange an analogue meeting of all parties. Being at the same place at the same time, more than once if possible, has become a scarce an valuable resource. Isolation applies to us too. The space bet- ween getting lost and finding oneself in being alone is mapped out with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other. Ears are being opened for solos that perhaps can be performed only anonymously, for example during sex.

What emerges is an intimate and political collage on the topic of loneliness and being alone. Creative musical spaces, personal reports, breaking up of some kinds of loneliness on the one hand – rites around being alone on the other.